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Creepy Vintage Halloween Photographs

These wonderfully creepy images of Halloween’s past come from the book, Haunted Air. The book features dozens of anonymous vintage Halloween photos dating between 1875 and 1955. The photos in the book come from the personal collection of Ossian Brown, a British musician and artist. Even more surprising is that the book’s introduction was written by David Lynch. It’s a shame that people rarely wear homemade costumes anymore because they truly are much creepier than a packaged costume from Walmart. It’s time to break out an old sheet and start designing.

Halloween used to be horrifying.

(Source: NPR)

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Woooooo, Cinco de Drinko! Aka shut up already!!

So far today I’ve seen quite a few co-opted, misappropriated depictions of Mexicans in the name of celebrating what was it again….Mexican Independence, right? Right?! The worst costume, or caricature, I suppose, was a man wearing a sombrero with two bandoliers across his chest, like the image below.

Mexican Revolutionary General Pancho Villa wearing two bandoliers.

Cinco de Mayo is actually a regional Mexican holiday celebrated primarily in the State of Puebla, as it commemorates the unlikely victory over French forces and today is known as El Día de la Batalla de Puebla (Battle of Puebla). Mexican Independence Day is September 16.

I’m indignant at seeing the rampant stereotypical depiction of my people!  Ugggh. There’s a heavy parallel with the portrayal of Irish people and St. Patrick’s Day, obviously, which is equally as distasteful. When will people realize that dressing like a “Mexican” and using Cinco de Mayo as the impetus to drink heavily to “celebrate” a day that isn’t particularly meaningful to many Mexicans themselves (myself included) is in poor taste?

Guess this makes me a PC thug.

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